Footnote 2: Of horror and hope, loss and love

Life is short. We don’t know when it’s going to end. We could be here today, taking photos and writing lines, but be gone tomorrow, or maybe even later tonight. Or perhaps, as soon as the next hour, minute, or second arrives. The same thing can happen to you, too. It’s a truth we face in every single day that is given to us, which is why it’s very important to savor each moment and dare not to waste even one.

But the fact that death is a part of life does not ease its devastating blow on the loved ones left behind. Death is much harder for the living — those people who are expected to find a way to go on even after their world ended.

Last weekend, death came in the form of flash floods caused by Typhoon Washi (locally named Sendong), sweeping away hundreds of people from their homes in the southern part of our country, the Philippines. Survivors are still looking for missing family members who, with the way things are looking, are most likely dead. In our country where Christmas is primarily about family, the devastation of this disaster is double in magnitude. Even though we do not live in the affected area, we feel the pain of the survivors. We are, after all, their fellow countrymen and more importantly, their fellow human beings.

sendong, father, child, dead, washi, sendong, typhoon

A father holding his dead child

If you would like to give love and hope this Christmas season to people who desperately need them, please send your donations to The Philippine Red Cross. We believe this is the safest way for sending monetary donations electronically. PayPal, PayDollar and credit cards are accepted there.

red cross, sendong, washi, charity, donate

If you don’t have anything to give for now, prayers and good thoughts are most welcome, too. Also, exposure matters a lot, so please feel free to share this through your preferred medium (WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, etc.). It would be great to have more people aware of this so that more help can be sent to the affected area.

Thank you very much.

15 thoughts on “Footnote 2: Of horror and hope, loss and love

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  2. so grateful for all those helping. what a beautiful reminder that we are so fortunate and to appreciate every moment because it really could be our last and we really don’t know when we are leaving. this helps me be present and appreciate my loved ones more than anything. i appreciate all the good times, all the beauty i’ve experienced and the blessing of my entire life. we are blessed to be here, let’s start really living it.

      • Hello! Welcome to our blogs! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Disasters like these should indeed make us more grateful for what we have because it can be taken away from us in the blink of an eye. It’s not how long we spent here on earth that matters; it’s how much we lived in the time given to us.

        Thank you for your prayers. Happy holidays to you!

  3. Thank you for bringing this to people’s attention in this way..
    Can I just take this opportunity to add. – My son works for the UK Red Cross and if anyone has any unwanted Christmas presents or anything lying about at home please consider donating it to one of the many Red Cross shops across the country.
    Thank you

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