Footnote 3: Of contests and Valentine’s days

Valentine’s day is less than a week away. With that in mind, we decided to hold a contest!

Just send us your photo-and-caption pair along with your name and blog link. In return, you get the chance to have your work posted as an entry this coming Valentine’s day. We’ll include your name and blog link, of course. 🙂

The rules are pretty simple:

1) Photos and captions should be your original work. If you want to work with a friend (you take a photo, they write a line or vice versa), also send in your friend’s name and blog link.

2) No blog link? Send the link to any of your social networking accounts or online profiles.

3) Photos should be 384 x 576, or 576 x 384. If you can’t get those exact dimensions, resize your photos as close as possible to the given measurements.

4) Captions should be short. We’re sorry for not being specific, but you can check our entries to get an idea of our blog’s average caption length.

5) Photo-and-text pairs should follow this theme: Love, how it ends and begins again. Interpret it any way you want.

6) Entries should be sent to by Feb. 14, 5am (GMT+8).

The winning entry will be posted on The Background Story. The rest will be posted here on Footprints and Margins. All the entries we’ll post will have the sender’s name and a blog link.

We hope to get many entries to choose from!

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