Footnote 4: Of favorite entries to our V-day contest

Happy Valentine’s Day! May this day be full of love and joy for all of you.

Thanks to everyone for joining our little contest. We might not have received as many entries as we would like, but we did get enough for us to choose our top five. 🙂

The winning entry is from Ehpem. You can click here to view it.

Here are our four favorites other favorites, in no particular order:


bride, wedding, sepia

Pure love begins, along with a new life,
when you choose to walk down the aisle;
and it ends not, for it is this very pure love
that will last for eternity.

Photo and text by Richard C. So


wedding rings, gold rings, jewelry

My stories have always started with “once upon a time”
for I believed love exists only in fairy tales.
But you came along to write
“and they lived happily ever after” in it.

Photo and text by Glaiza G. Olase


reflection, solitude, alone

I search for fragments of my love,
to skip,
like beach worn agates,
across the surface of your cold heart.

Photo and text by Ehpem


path, walkway, road, tree-lined street

You will never find out
where the path leads
until you walk it.

Photo and text by David Agnew

13 thoughts on “Footnote 4: Of favorite entries to our V-day contest

  1. When I learned about you guys having this contest, I was just thinking of sending an entry just so to test if I can still write something that can send a powerful message. I never thought my entry would be picked to be among your favorites. What made it more special was this came as a surprise on Valentine’s Day itself.

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  3. And here i am, staring again at the collection and i still couldn’t believe that my entry made it to the top 5. With all the goings on in my life, it was difficult to summon the courage to write about love, but i did, and i am very glad that i wrote what i wrote. Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts. 🙂

  4. I am delighted to be included along with such high quality entries.

    I suspect I have written what will turn out to be the first verse in a poem.

    Thank you very much

    Happy Valentines Day


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